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Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles
Designed to reduce shock, pressure, fatigue, aches and pains in the feet, legs and back

APR material rebounds to its original thickness in a fraction of a second after every step, maximising comfort
Dual protection antimicrobial agent combats the fungi that cause Athlete's Foot and destroys the bacteria that cause foot odour

One size fits all


CCS Foot Care Cream
CCS Foot Care Cream is a treatment for dry skin, callus and cracked heels.



CCS Heel Balm
Formulated to act quickly in helping control severe cases of rough, dry and cracked heels.



DualGel Gel Heel Wedge Soft Spot (2)

Dual density gel heel wedge with soft blue spot providing enhanced cushioning.

The Soft Spot Gel Heel Wedge fits into less roomy shoes and provides relief from symptoms associated with bursitis, achillies tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. It may also be used for general heel pain, shock absorption and in the treatment of heel fissures.

Absorbs impact at heel strike.
Hardwearing and will not bottom out.
Transferable between footwear.
Will not become warmer than body temperature.
Three sizes for a perfect fit.
Designed to fit into less roomy shoes.


DualGel 3/4 Length Deep Insole (Uncovered) Pair

Designed for all around cushioning and shock absorption.

Specially targeted soft density areas provide protection on heel strike and metatarsal head cushioning.

Absorbs impact at heel strike.
Hardwearing and will not bottom out.
Transferable between footwear.
Will not become warmer than body temperature.
Three sizes for a perfect fit.
Ideal for impact sports, work and hiking boots.


Light plastic tool for use on larger areas of hard skin and callus. 22cm


Fungal nail treatment drops
Nail conditioning drops for the treatment of fungal nail conditions. Apply sparingly twice daily to the end of the nail.


Gehwol med. Nail Softener 15ml

Prevents ingrown toenails and strong cornification.  Makes cuticles elastic.  Quickly and carefully softens cornification

Alleviates discomfort with ingrown toenails
The painful pressure of the nail on the nail bed is eliminated
15ml Bottle


Gehwol med. Protective Nail & Skin Oil

Effectively protects against fungal infections and the nails and skin regain their elasticity and beauty.

Contains high quality substances, such as wheat germ oil, panthenol and bisabolene for nail and skin care. The well tried substance clotrimazol prevents fungal infections. Fragile and brittle nails regain their elasticity and beauty. The nails receive a natural silky shine.

Dermatologically tested.  Also suitable for diabetics.


Gel Strap Covered (2)

To help relieve Ball of Foot Pain.

The Metatarsal Universal Gel Strap features an anatomically shaped pad of soft polymer gel moulded on an elastic sleeve that fits comfortably over the forefoot.

Please state size required (small/medium or large/extra large)


Gel toe separator

Designed to fit comfortably between the toes to absorb pressure.

Helps to relieve pain from soft corns, overlapping toes, nail problems and bunions


Gel toe spreader

For straightening and aligning toes and relieving pressure from bunions.

Vitamin enriched gel cushions and protects skin as it correctively realigns toes.
Gel will not flatten or lose its shape like foam.


Gift voucher
Voucher entitles recipient to a consultation including nail trimming, corn and callus removal, attention to specific problems such as ingrowing toenails, foot massage and general advice. Includes goody bag (contains footfile, chiropody sponge, footbath salts and foot cream).


Half Sock with Pedigel
Elasticated ladies cotton half-sock incorporating a full length insole of 3mm Pedigel. Relieves pressure and provides shock absorption, helping to reduce pain in the sole, ball of foot and heel. Suitable for diabetics, arthritics and where there is a lack of fibro fatty padding. Washable in cold water. Durable and comfortable to wear.

Please state shoe size when ordering.


Hydrogel Metatarsal Pad One Size (2)

Extra soft metatarsal pad which intended to help eradicate plantar calluses and hard skin.

Reduces the adverse effects of weight bearing, and helps to alleviate painful rubbing and friction on walking. Specifically designed to treat forefoot soreness. An elastic fabric, embedded in the digital loop reinforces it for added durability.


Hydrogel Wedge Cushion Metatarsal Pad One Size (2)

An extra soft Hydrogel metatarsal pad with an inbuilt interdigital wedge to prevent displacement of the orthosis on deambulation.

Formulated for the overworked transversal arch of the foot, it also shields the metatarsal heads from encroaching calluses and excessive keratin formation.


Luga Silicone 3/4 Soft Impact Insoles


Mykored Nail Protect Oil 15ml H

A product to help nails in poor condition, experiencing slow rate of growth, may be damaged or distorted and flaky, constantly splitting and breaking.

Made from specially selected oils, plant extracts and vitamins to help control these conditions. Mykored Nail Protection Oil also contains 1% clotrimazole, highly effective against fungal infections.


Plansil Insole with Anti-shock

A dual density full-length orthosis

The less dense silicone accommodates the foot areas that receive heavier load).The design encompasses the entire plantar aspect of the foot, and hugs as it impacts on the ground through the different phases of the gait process.

Please state size required (small or medium).


Podiatry home visit
A chiropody session in your own home - ring or email to arrange a convenient day and time (visits available Monday to Friday).


Silipos Gel Foot Cover (2)

A layer of gel combined with a foot cover to help protect metatarsals and toes from friction and pressure.

It is also ideal for cushioning the ball of foot and provides warmth for people suffering from arthritis or poor circulation to the toes. The gel covers the toes to offer complete toe protection. It is washable and can be used with most types of shoes and can be worn under hosiery. The gel is sandwiched within the material, so there is no moisturisation with this product.

Please state size required (small, medium, large).


Straight Nail Nipper 14cm

Non-autoclavable, suitable for patient use only.
Straight cutting edge.
14cm in length.
Chequered handles.



A deeply penetrating cream that contains Oil of Maleluca and urea tp penetrate deeply and help fight HPV the cause of verrucae.



Tuli's Classic Gel Heel Cups

Tuli's patented, multi-cell, multi-layer "waffle" design absorbs shock and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet.

Reduces heel pain

Provides shock absorption
Provides heel cushioning

Upon impact, the waffle construction bears down and rotates with the normal motion of the foot to absorb the shock of walking and running, keeping your feet, knees, hips and back in alignment for maximum comfort and performance. TuliGel is a specially formulated Polymer that is lighter, softer, and more resilient than the material used in other heel cups.